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Simon Campbell & Caroline Hébert
160, rang Campbell. Sainte-Sabine, QC  J0J 2B0
Tel. : (450) 293-7631
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St-Hyacinthe' Results

In the Holsteins: 11 out of the 12 head did the top 10!

1st 1 yr jr with Camphols Braxton Margarita

3rd 1 yr intermediate with Camphols Tenacious Roz

5th 5 yr olds with Swisskess Goldwyn Sunshine EX 92 (co-prop: Ferme Swisskess)

We also ended up 2nd Junior Herd, 2nd Senior Herd & 4th Progenity of Dam!


In the Jerseys:

3rd 1 yr intermediate with  Homeridge Vincent Annette (co-prop: TrailBlazer Jersey & Charles Campbell)

2nd 2 yr jr. with Jersey Inn Reagan Glo2-et (co-prop: TrailBlazer Jersey & Vibistar)

2nd 3 yr jr. with Rapid Bay Ressurect Darling VG (co-prop. TrailBlazer Jersey)

2nd 4 yr with Comestar Berline Sultan VG 87 (co-prop. TrailBlazer Jersey & Charles Campbell)

Magnolia has past away

Due to many complictaions after calving, we are sorry to say that Camphols Jasper Magnolia EX 92 has past away. Magnolia had produced a total of 42 808 kg of milk in 3 lactations, with an average of 4.1% Fat, 3.3% Protein and an BCA of 243-261-246. She had many success at the expositions during the years with the summum of being Supreme Grand Champion at the Brome Fair in 2010.

We had again many hopes for her this year; although we hope that her daughters (Blitz, Braxton and 2 Goldwyn) will follow her footsteps.

Classification January 2013


1 New Excellent:

- Camphols Affirmed Spring EX 90


2 Excellents 2E: Camphols Sovereign Renel & Camphols Fortune Ladybug


5 went up VG

- Camphols RR Sour VG

- Camphols Fortune Rixie VG

- Camphols Dundee Redemption VG

- Camphols Goldeen Reese VG 87 (now owned by Ferme Paul-Émile Toupin, Lacadie)

- Camphols Lou Threesome VG 87 (now owned by Ferme Paul-Émile Toupin, Lacadie)


3 VG 2 years:

- Camphols After Elexa VG 86

- Camphols Amazing Baby VG

- Camphols Goldwyn Lulu VG



1 new Excellent: Homeridge Iatola Jasmine EX 90


Camphols Kite Lufty EX 93 4E has now 4*!

Our oldest cow of the heard Camphols Kite Lufty has now 4*.

A new section for better seing our best subjects!
Because of the large number of different families in our herd, we decided to create a new section that would put our subjects that are "hot" at the moment! To check under the name "Our Stars"!

Rabbits for sell !!!
Laurier Campbell, the founder of Ferme L. Campbell & fils Inc., has the pleasure to offer you the fruit of his new hoppy ... rabbits! If you want to offer you this magnificient meal at a cost of 15$ / rabbit, please contact the farm!

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